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Norton and Pitt in Fight Club

By Ray Pride

Fight Club is a wild ride, a sneaky mind-fuck of a movie, a thunderous, surreal journey into the darkest parts of one man's mind. Within seconds, we rush through someone's brain and out onto a rooftop where another character holds a gun in his mouth. Brad Pitt plays Tyler Durden, a trickster character whom insurance agency flunky Edward Norton meets at a time he wishes for someone to push him over the edge. By night, Norton's unnamed narrator trolls support groups for the grievously ill, pretending to have illnesses in order to sob. (That's where he meets fellow grief-ghoul Helena Bonham Carter.) But that's just set-up. All you need to know is, buckle up, it's gonna be a new kind of thrill.

Somehow, the impression is out there that Fight Club is about yuppies gathering in alleys to beat each other up. There's fighting, yes, but not a frame of gratuitous violence. It's actually one of the funniest, most piercingly wise movies in years, a ferocious satire that builds on the visionary madness of Chuck Palahniuk's novel.

No one knows yet if Fight Club will be the first epic audience movie of the new millennium. Pitt, 35, has a reputation as a reluctant interview, but it seems it may be more out of modesty than ego or fear. Norton, 30, is his usual talkative self.


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